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The Right to Food Campaign

The Right to Food Campaign

Nourish is advocating for a rights-based approach to food. We principally believe that food is fundamental to human life and so should be treated as a human right.

Our current food system is problematic for a number of reasons, it is characterised by inequality and exploitation. Stagnant wages and welfare reform have pushed a lot of people out of the food market and in to food insecurity; more and more people are unsure whether they will have enough food, are compromising on food quality and variety, are reducing food quantities and skipping meals, and are experiencing hunger.

The huge spike in the number of Trussell Trust food banks in Scotland, from 1 in 2009 to over 50 in 2015, is just one symptom of the real food crisis we are experiencing. Conversely, there is no baseline monitoring of food insecurity in the UK; whilst the Trussell Trust figures are useful they only scratch the surface.

We believe that food is a public good and that we should all have the means to be able to access it by right rather than relying on the charity of others. A rights-based approach to food is one in which everyone has financial and geographical access to adequate, safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, with dignity and choice now and in to the future.

We want everyone to be able to eat food that makes us well, that treats farmers, producers, and animals fairly, that enriches our communities, and that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Together with a broad coalition of civil society organisations Nourish are calling on the Scottish Government to make real the right to food within the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights -obligations the UK Government has signed up to but not acted on.


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