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Plenty: Food, Farming and Health in a New Scotland

This report from the Scottish Food Coalition, of which Nourish is a founding member, made waves in Scottish politics, leading to commitments from the SNP, Scottish Labour and Scottish Greens for framework legislation for the food system.

Describing our potential food future, as well as why and how we need to change, Plenty offers an up to date and comprehensive look at the whole system.

There is no reason why we shouldn’t have plenty of good food for everyone in Scotland, we have the people and the resources to make it happen, but we need a coherent strategy that joins the dots!

For more information on the campaign for framework legislation, see our campaigns page.

Cover picture of the Scottish Food Coaltion's PLENTY report, picturing a row of ripe cabbages

Report to UN committee on economic, cultural and social rights: The Right to Food

Nourish Scotland sent evidence to a UN Committee detailing UK and Scottish Government failure to meet obligations under international human rights law.

The evidence highlights the impact of austerity and stagnant wages on the financial accessibility of food.

There is no comprehensive monitoring of food insecurity in the UK but estimates suggest in the region of 10-20% are not sure whether they will have enough food to meet their needs.

Some social security reforms have had a discriminatory impact on the ability of women, children and disabled people to afford food, contravening international human rights.

Nourish Scotland advocates the right to food, believing that everybody from the moment they’re born to the moment they die deserves adequate good food.

Placard reading 'Food is a Right'

Other reports

Policy Asks – Scottish Parliament election 2016 is a short briefing outlining our headline campaigns with core asks from the next Parliament. It was sent to all candidate MSPs on 29 February 2016.

Food in a Common Weal Scotland is a think piece that Nourish prepared as a contribution to the Common Weal library. Common Weal was started by the Jimmy Reid Foundation taking the opportunity of the independence referendum to think about what would make Scotland a fairer, more equal society. Common Weal, an old Scots phrase means both wealth shared in common and for the wellbeing of all.

Growing the Local Food Economy is a report based on a survey of local food businesses in Scotland, giving a better idea about the nature of local food in Scotland and a more comprehensive overview of the barriers preventing growth of the local food economy.

Our 2014 Annual Report gives a flavour of some of Nourish’s projects and activities

One planet food: Our mutual food. (2010) Starting by reviewing the existing food system, highlighting its shortcomings, this report explores the scope for food system change in Fife. (Pre-Nourish, but co-authored by Pete Ritchie)

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