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Meet the Nourish Staff

Meet the Nourish Staff

Pete Ritchie, Executive Director

Pete has a background in community development and social policy. As executive director, Pete is responsible with the board and staff team for focusing Nourish Scotland’s work where it can be most effective. This includes engaging with policy-makers and stakeholders as well as working for change from the bottom-up with grassroots groups. As well as working at Nourish, Pete runs Whitmuir Organics with his partner Heather Anderson.

Olga Bloemen, Education & Outreach Officer

Olga found her way into Nourish with a passion to explore both food and education as vehicles for social change. After helping to make Nourish’s first Food Leadership Programme a real success in 2015, she is now working on various community and public engagement projects ranging from facilitating cross-sector collaboration; to coordinating a mentorship scheme for people wanting to make a living from local food; to coaching people on how to address food issues in Scotland.


Elli Kontorravdis, Policy and Campaign Officer

Elli has a background in law, specialising in environmental law, with experience in politics and community-led campaigning. She previously worked in Wales, Northern Ireland, and England before joining Nourish Scotland in June 2015. Elli is focusing on Nourish’s Right to Food Campaign.

Celia Nyssens, Policy Officer

Celia studied politics in Belgium and Scotland, with a focus on environmental policy and politics during her Master’s degree. In Edinburgh she became very aware of the crucial role of food in our lives and societies and therefore decided to specialise in food-related issues, with a focus on farming policy, which brought her to Nourish. Celia works on Nourish’s Food and Farming Policy campaigns, advocating for a real reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and for the adoption of strong Good Food Nation Bill in Scotland.

Bella Crowe, Scottish Food Coalition Coordinator

Bella studied history at the University of Edinburgh, where she spent a lot of time campaigning in social and environmental movements. She joined Nourish in summer 2015 and has been coordinating the new Scottish Food Coalition, which brings together a diverse mix of organisations to change the whole food system.

Gillian Armstrong, Office Manager

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