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Scotland: time for a National Food Service? By treating food as a common good instead of leaving the market to provide, Scots can start to transform their food future. The Ecologist, 15 October 2014.

Call for radical overhaul of food policy in an independent Scotland. Rob Edwards comments on Nourish’s report ‘Food in a Common Weal Scotland’ – a contribution to the Common Weal movement. The report says, the aim is for people to take ownership of the food system so that more food can be grown and eaten locally. This is the best way to reduce dependence on food banks, improve poor diet and cut climate pollution., September 2014

Book shows how sustainable food could boost health, Nourish, in collaboration with other organisations is working on the first ever Scottish atlas of sustainable food. It will demonstrate the connections between food, energy consumption, economic viability, public health, environmental degradation and climate change.

Tesco food education scheme draws sharp criticism in Scotland, “Tesco’s plans to educate primary school children on obesity has provoked a rebellion among some food experts in Scotland, who have urged ministers north of the border to reject the idea.” The Grocer, 11 February 2014


Union of Genius Image copyright The Edinburgh Reporter

Image copyright The Edinburgh Reporter

Thousands got a free lunch from Edible Edinburgh, “In Bristo Square today the queue was quite long but people were happy enough. They were queuing for a free meal.” The Edinburgh Reporter, 5 October 2013

Edible Edinburgh will feed the 5000 this weekend, “This weekend in Bristo Square Edible Edinburgh will offer free meals made from ingredients which would otherwise be thrown out.” The Edinburgh Reporter, 1 October 2013

Chefs to feed 5000 for free in Capital, Edinburgh Evening News, 28 September 2013


SRUC conference: Transfer of knowledge needed to feed world, “A transfer of knowledge between the most efficient and least efficient farms is needed to increase global food outputs” Farmers Guardian, 26 September 2013

Feeding The 5 Million: Nourish Scotland 2013 Conference, “Feeding the Five Million: What would it take for everyone in Scotland to eat well and sustainably?” The Edinburgh Reporter, 27 August 2013

Powering our cities with sustainable food, “Scotland needs no less than a root and branch rethink of its entire food culture says Pete Ritchie, director of Nourish Scotland” Third Force News, 8 August 2013


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