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Thank you so much for taking this step to support us.  Here is a bit more information supporting why we need your donations to help us with our work.

With growing numbers of people living in poverty and with greatly reduced access to healthy, affordable and sustainable food we need to take this action now, and as the leading organisation working on the Right to Food in Scotland we are the right people take this action.

14% of people (710,000 people) in Scotland live in severe poverty after housing costs. This is not acceptable. 19% of people employed in Scotland still earn below the Living Wage – 445,000 people. Food bank usage has increased dramatically; 117,689 people in Scotland were provided with emergency food aid by Trussell Trust in the financial year 2014/15, compared with 71,428 people in 2013/14 and 14,332 in 2012/13. Almost one third of those receiving emergency food aid are children.

So we need to make the case for a rights-based approach; no one should have to rely on charitable food donations, no one should only be able to afford cheap, calorie-dense and highly processed food, and our food system should value producers and the environment.

Nourish has had some impressive successes so far in our right to food campaign:

  • We’ve given evidence to the preparatory working group of the UN Committee who put poverty and the right to food as headline issues that the UK has to answer to
  • We’ve mobilised broad civil society support for the right to food through the Scottish Food Coalition
  • And we’ve secured support for a rights-based approach in the form of a Food, Farming and Health Bill in the manifestos of 3 major political parties just elected to the Scottish Parliament

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Find out more about our Right to Food Campaign. You can read our evidence submitted to the UN this week on that page.

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